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NAIB IT values your privacy and is committed to delivering top-quality service to all our customers. To ensure transparency and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law and Regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have created this privacy notice to help you understand the nature of the data we collect from you and how we manage it. This privacy notice applies to all sectors and business units in the Company, and all members of staff, contractors, and vendors employed either on a permanent or temporary basis are obligated to adhere to these guidelines.

Data Protection and Disclosure

We take the protection of your data very seriously and will employ appropriate organizational and technical data protection and security measures and procedures – including internal audit, external audit, training of staff and contractors on privacy and reporting to our audit and data governance steering committees and regulatory authorities – to safeguard your data from any unauthorized disclosure or processing.

NAIB IT always maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data collected. Such data may only be disclosed or shared when approved and required by law, or when we believe that such action is necessary or desirable to provide products and services, or technical support and according to Why We Collect and Use Your Personal Data section.

We will not use any of your personal data for commercial purposes or share with any third party outside NAIB IT or partner companies without your permission unless it is collected without identifiers on an aggregated basis for analytical purposes, studies, reports with adherence to personal data protection acts and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Except for cases of extreme necessity to preserve the life or health of an individual, their vital interests or to prevent, examine or treat an infection, NAIB IT may not transfer personal data outside the Kingdom or disclose it to a party outside the Kingdom, unless this is in implementation of an obligation under a convention to which the Kingdom is a party, or to serve the interests of the Kingdom.

Therefore, NAIB IT will not disclose your personal data without your consent except under the following circumstances where the entity requesting disclosure is a public entity and in which case the data will be shared in strict accordance with the controls and procedures set out in the Personal Data Protection Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • for security purposes
  • to implement another law
  • to meet judicial requirements
  • to protect public health or safety
  • to protect the life or health of a particular individual(s).